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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the Centre on its scientific research strategy and its delivery. It reviews scientific progress, highlights issues and opportunities, and helps to ensure that the maximum scientific benefit is derived from Lero research. The Advisory Board plays an important role in the tightening of Lero’s research focus and on the increasing emphasis on innovation and commercialisation. Members include:-

Dr Linda Northrop


Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University


Professor Manfred Broy


TU Muenchen, a leading researcher in modelling and specification

Maria Hernek  


Head of Flight Software System Section at European Space Agency


Terry Landers


Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Ireland


Prof Julie McCann

Professor of Computer Systems, Imperial College, London

Robert McCarthy

Program Director - Innovation, Business Development & Operations Ireland Software Labs - IBM

Prof John Mooney

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management, Pepperdine University, CA, USA