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About Lero


Lero is the Irish software research centre.It brings together leading software research teams from Universities and Institutes of Technology in a coordinated centre of research excellence with a strong industry focus. Lero has raised the level and profile of Irish software research with such effect that it is now one of the best known and highly regarded software-related research centres in the world.

The centre has the proven capacity to attract and retain global research leaders and to make a substantial contribution both to software-related research and to the Irish economy.

The Lero Centre is supported by a Research Centre grant from SFI, by other state grants, by industry contributions and by external funding (particularly the EU’s research programmes).

Lero interfaces with a wide range of industry, state agencies, educational bodies and international collaborators to deliver on its twin goals of research excellence and social and economic relevance.

Lero Partner Institutions


Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to establish Ireland as a location synonymous with high quality software development through advanced research and smart collaboration with industry partners, national agencies, other research centres, and our broad outreach programme.

Our Vision is to seek to foster a software ecosystem in Ireland that can create wealth and jobs. This ecosystem will evolve to achieve international recognition and acknowledgement, on a similar trajectory to Silicon Valley or Boston’s Route 128.


Strategic Objectives

  • RESEARCH  : Advance the State-of-the-Art in Software Engineering

  • INDUSTRY : Work with industry partners to identify & solve industry problems and to generate new SW-based products & services

  • EDUCATION : Attract & educate the software developers of the future