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PhD Thesis List


Surname First Name Month-Year Graduated Thesis Title College Supervisor
LeGear Andrew 01/12/2006 - Cluster Component Reconn-exion UL Jim Buckley


Casey Val 2007 - Cluster The identification of key variables, infrastructure and support required to facilitate effective software testing in a virtual team environment UL Ita Richardson


Burton John 2008- Funded SFI Cluster Software Risk Management Capability Model for Medical Device Software” UL Ita Richardson
Sanders Marty 2008 - Funded SFI Cluster Finding out what really
happened after SPI assistance in Ireland
UL Ita Richardson


Basri Shuib Viva Feb 2010 (Graduate November 2010) - CSET

Software Process Improvement in very small entities: An investigation of Software Development Knowledge Management and Team issues in maintaining and evolving software process and process improvement


DCU Rory O'Connor
Dusparic Ivana Viva March 2010     (Summer 2010)

Multi-Policy Optimization  in Decentralized Autonomic Systems


TCD Vinny Cahill
Gacitua-Decar  Veronica November 2010

Graph-based Pattern Matching and Discovery for Process-centric Service Architecture Design and Integration


DCU Claus Pahl
Griffin Ivan  August Graduation- 2010

Semiconductor Development in Ireland: Reducing ‘Development Stress’ caused by Digital Hardware and Embedded Software Team Interaction

UL Ita Richardson
Janota Mikolas 2010 Doctoral Researcher UCD  
 Kevitt  Mark March 2010

Best Software Test & Quality Assurance Practices in the project Life-cycle

DCU Renaat Verbruggen
O'Conchuir Eoin 2010

Global Software Development: A Multiple-Case Study of the realisation of the Benefits

UL Brian Fitzgerald


McLoughlin Fionbarr January 2011

The Rosetta Stone Methodology – A Benefits Driven Approach to Software Process Improvement


UL Ita Richardson
Olsson Carl Magnus 2011 August Developing a mediation framework for context-aware applications : an exploratory action research approach UL Brian Fitzgerald
Krafft Martin January 2011 A Delphi study of the influences on innovation adoption and process evolution in a large open-source project — the case of Debian UL Brian Fitzgerald
O'Leary Padraig 2011 August

Towards a Product Derivation Process Reference Model for Software Product Line organisations

UL Ita Richardson
Brennan Shane Graduated Summer 2011 

Reactive Execution-Time Forecasting of Dynamically-Adaptable Software

TCD Siobhan Clarke
Fritsch Serena Graduated Summer 2011

Time-Adaptive Dynamic Software Reconfiguration for Embedded Software

TCD Siobhan Clarke


Stol Klaas-Jan Graduated January 2012 Supporting Product Development with Software from the Bazaar UL

Muhammad Ali Babar, Paris Avgeriou, and Brian Fitzgerald

Sigfridsson Anders 2012 October The Purposeful Adaptation of Practice: An Empirical Study of Distributed Software Development UL Liam Bannon
Savolainen Paula 2012 December Why do software development projects fail? Emphasising the supplier’s perspective and the project start-up UL Ita Richardson
Carroll Noel 2012 August Service Science: An Empirical Study on the Socio-Technical Dynamics of Public Sector Service Network Innovation UL Ita Richardson
Stol Klaas-Jan 2012 January Supporting Product Development with Software from the Bazaar UL Brian Fitzgerald
Wang Miao 2012 Monitoring large-scale cloud computing applications UCD John Murphy
McDonnagh Patrick 2012 Dec Monitoring and Assuring Quality of Experience for Scalable Video Services DCU Liam Murphy


Lane Stephen 2013 January SOAdapt: A Process reference Model for Developing Adaptable Service-Based Applications UL Ita Richardson
Deshpande Sadhana 2013 January A Coordination Model for Global Software Development Teams UL Ita Richardson
Kharoni Sharif 2013 January Open Source Programmer's Information Seeking UL Jim Buckley
Yilmaz Murat 2013 March A Software Process Engineering Approach to Understanding Software Productivity and Team Personality Characteristics: An Empirical Investigation DCU Rory O'Connor
Lane Michael 2013 August The Lean Distributed Scrum (LDScrum) Model: Investigating the Relationship between Lean and Agile Software Development in a Distributed Development Context UL Brian Fitzgerald
Coyle Sharon 2013 November Group Decision Quality in Agile Software Development: The Impact of Contribution Behaviours NUIG Lorraine Morgan


Yates Rebecca 2014 January Onboarding in software engineering UL Jim Buckley