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White Paper on Evolving Critical Systems

The latest version of Lero's White Paper on Evolving Critical Systems is available here. This document describes the emerging field of Evolving Critical Systems and outlines a taxonomy of research topics that define the field.

EssentialSet on Evolving Critical Systems

The complete set of IEEE ECS papers can be purchased as an EssentialSet from the Computer Society's Digital Library. This EssentialSet includes the articles in the IEEE Computer Special Issue on Evolving Critical Systems (below).

IEEE Computer Special Issue on Evolving Critical Systems

IEEE Computer published a special issue on Evolving Critical Systems in May 2010, edited by Lorcan Coyle, Mike Hinchey, Bashar Nuseibeh, and José Luiz Fiadeiro. The special issue is available on IEEE Computer's website.

ERCIM Working Group on Software Evolution

ERCIM is the European Research Consortium in Informatics and Informatics. It hosts several Working Groups in different research domains. One of these is the Working Group (WG) on Software Evolution. This WG is composed of researchers from over 80 different research groups all over Europe, but also from the US, Canada and Japan. There are even a couple of persons from industry that are part of the group.

The main goal of this WG is to understand the phenomenon of software evolution, and to develop well-founded and disciplined tools and techniques to support software developers with the common problems they encounter when evolving large and complex software systems. To achieve this, the WG and its associated Wiki serve as a means to share and disseminate information across its members, and to foster research collaboration between the differnet involved members.